Do Good

We rise by lifting others.
– Robert Ingersoll


In our carrier sewing community, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing some incredible acts of kindness and selflessness.  Women creating customized carriers for paraplegic parents, a surrogate crafting a beautiful carrier for the family she chose to bestow a priceless gift upon, mothers choosing to help single mothers with so much on their plate by giving them a carrier (which often means an extra set of hands), sending carriers for refugees who have carried their children in their arms over many miles to provide them safety and a better life, sewing carriers for military families who are facing the demands of military life on the family and often absence of a spouse.

You are amazing and have inspired me to do more good, whenever I can.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to do good but aren’t sure where to get started, consider donating your gently used commercial carrier to one of these amazing baby wearing non-profit organizations with causes that are close to my heart.  There are plenty of other ways to get involved and make an impact too. Click below to learn more.


*babywearing non-profits may not accept handmade carriers .
please check with the individual organization for details or consider donating your gently used commercial carriers now that you are sewing your own 🙂