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safety is our priority

We’ve designed our patterns to be adequately reinforced based on industry standards so you can rest assured that you’ll be carrying your little one in comfort and safety.

Carrier fit and style is very personal.  From our experience we’ve found that that not everyone has the same tastes in what makes the perfect carrier. For this reason, we’ve designed our carrier pattern to fit the widest range of wearers while maintaining maximum comfort.

tested designs, proven comfort

 Being a ground-breaker in the baby carrier pattern market, we’ve had the privilege to watch the DIY carrier movement expand. Sew Toot launched the very first carrier pattern (The Little Pick-Me-Up) in July of 2014 when the pattern market was extremely limited. Few people attempted to DIY soft-structured carriers then because of the lack of clear and quality instructions.

We’ve honed our skills and perfected our designs to bring you the absolute best carrier patterns on the market. Growing and adapting  to the feedback of our customers located in over 37 countries around the world, Sew Toot has quickly become the household name for DIYers.  Our awesome community includes sewers from Alaska to Australia, and everywhere in between.

We have a core group of 50 pattern testers of all skill levels that were carefully chosen to develop our patterns.

 instruction page


 Our instructions are designed around high quality color photos

Instructions are written in a conversational paragraph format and do not include any acroynms to be more beginner friendly. Contrasting thread is used throughout our pictorials to enhance viewability.

All of our patterns are professionally computer drafted and designed to be printed inexpensively with black ink.  In our digital patterns you’ll find two printable formats. The first is the print-at-home letter size pattern file this broken down and will require (easy!) assembly. We don’t think pattern assembly should feel like rocket science. The second is a full size copy shop version.  The copy shop version of each pattern is designed to be printed on wide format printers (available at copy and printing centers) and will eliminate the need to assemble the pattern pieces.

Sew Toot takes a unique approach to pattern support. Sewing a carrier is a bit more intensive than sewing, say for example, a blanket. That is why we created unique pattern support groups. There is a group designated for each of the carrier patterns which is reserved for customers who have purchased a specific pattern.  You’ll get access to exclusive pattern modifications, inspiration for your next project, and be able to get help around the clock with our customer base located around the world.

computer drafted pattern pieces take the guesswork out of your project

Print your pattern from home on US Letter sized paper. A0 Copy Shop versions are available for all full sized carrier patterns.


Want to learn more?

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