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A Strap Protector Tutorial

 strap protectors_edited-1

To make strap protectors, cut rectangles with 7″x10″ dimensions. 

You’ll need at least two layers of fabric per protector (perhaps 3 if you’d like them to have a little substance, absorbent layer, or in order to be reversible). I’m going to be making a simple set of reversible pads in the two fabrics shown. I’ll be using a layer of fleece in these to repel moisture away from the straps.


Place right sides (or the brighter pretty sides) together. If you’re using a third layer, lay it on top now.


In this photo, the fleece layer is laid on top of the coral fabric.


Pin and mark a small segment to turn or flip the fabric through once you’re finished sewing. I habitually use my yellow pins to mark the area that will be my turning hole opening.


Sew around your rectangle, making sure to leave that turning space unsewn. These dimensions will allow for up to a half inch seam allowance. I like to sew mine somewhere around the 3/8 mark, but these are pretty forgiving, especially if just for personal use. 


Trim away some of the bulk from your seam allowance.  (I’m using my applique scissors because these are my sharpest my other scissors are quite dull at the moment)


Turn your strap protector right side out through your turning hole


Use a sharp object to get into the corners and work out any bulk


Line up your turning hole edges and pin them shut… ironing helps here (but I’m being lazy right now). 


Topstitch around the rectangle. Stay close to your fabric edge to be sure that you are catching the fabric at your turning hole point. I like to use the inside of my presser foot as a guide…


See? Nice and tidy if you follow the edge.


Now, to add the snaps:

Mark your snap placement along the shorter sides of the rectangle… mark 3 dots on one side, flip your pad over and on the opposite end mark 3 more.   (You shouldn’t see more than 3 markings on either side of the fabric, nor either end.) 


On the coral side of my fabric, I’m going to insert 3 caps with the prongs going through to the teal side of my strap protector.

On the teal side, I am inserting 3 caps with the prongs going through toward the coral side of my strap protector. 

Showing Cap/Prong Insertion


And here is the finished product!  The awesome part is that they are reversible! 

1926087_10201970871689804_7518820704570229553_o (3)

 Stay tuned for more tutorials coming soon!